1. Our Company’s Mission.

At Soloye Staffing we are committed to working collaboratively to deliver the highest level of service that meets the mission and culture of our valued clients. We accomplish this by recruiting highly-qualified, expertly-trained professionals and placing them in the facilities with whom we work. Soloye Staffing and strongly follow its mission which is “to leverage capitalism to Build Worth in Recovery.” Each organization is purpose-driven, as well as determined to assist in creating meaningful careers for others.

2. How you want, when you want, where you want (from contract to Permanent Placement)

It is no surprise that we are a flexible organization, open to adjustments. One of the best things Soloye Staffing does is to make sure our clients and employees are heard, valued and cared for. An employee that is heard will put their best effort forward in all that they do. A company that cares and values you as an individual promotes an environment where people are trustworthy and feel safe. As much as we want you to live by our mission, we at Soloye Staffing will always lead by example.

It is not difficult to start in PRN work, move to contract work, and eventually into a direct placement role. Soloye Staffing works with you every step of the way. We care about your availability, commute time, as well as your pay rate. The same goes with our clients – it is just as important to us that we take care of our client’s needs as well. Yes, you read it right, we truly want everyone to be happy.

3. By professionals for professionals

As a provider, Soloye Staffing only recruits the best professionals. These are a few of the requirements for delivering goals that are important to clients. Soloye Staffing never forgets to instill this in their process of recruitment. Just like you, we are a group of professionals giving value to employment.

Soloye Staffing also believes the best way to provide services emerges when leaders and executives are actively engaged in all facets of the process. Soloye Staffing seeks more than just knowledge; it also requires quality from it’s professionals, so they can best serve.

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